Ask Before Getting Braces

Here are ten questions to ask an orthodontic practice when you’re seeking a consultation for an orthodontic issue.

MacGinnis Orthodontics can proudly answer “Yes” to all ten of these critical questions!

  1. Did you attend a full-time orthodontic specialist residency?
  2. Are you certified by the Board of Orthodontics?
  3. Will you correct my bite/occlusion (by using rubber bands, etc.)?
  4. Will you place brackets on all necessary teeth (including second molars)?
  5. Have you treated cases similar to mine?
  6. Do you develop your own treatment plans?
  7. Do you place your own braces without the help of an outside lab?
  8. May I speak to patients that have completed treatment with you?
  9. Have you completed all cases without the assistance of an orthodontic specialist?
  10. Will you create a smile that will be the best match for the shape and contour of my face?