Meet Dr. Moon

Dr. Moon Macginnis Orthodontics Fullerton CA

Dr. Won Moon is an accomplished professional in multiple areas. He’s an orthodontist, UCLA faculty member, and globally recognized researcher and lecturer.


Dr. Moon began his dental training at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. While there, he received the “Excellence in Operative Dentistry” award. He then went on to attend the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Orthodontics Residency Program, where he received an additional three years of orthodontic specialty training. During his UCLA training, Dr. Moon’s passion for research was sparked. He has conducted countless research projects many of which have led to innovative approaches in orthodontics. As a result, he has extensive experience utilizing micro-implants. While he’s not in the clinic or conducting research, he serves as the Program Director for the UCLA School of Dentistry’s Orthodontics Program. Dr. Moon is a board-certified orthodontist, an honor achieved by less than half of practicing orthodontists.


On the personal front, Dr. Moon was raised in Irvine, CA and he received his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Irvine. When he’s not working on teeth, he enjoys traveling, spending time with his wife (Miran) and daughter (Crystal), rock climbing, scuba diving, and reading.



  • When I was a child, I thought I would grow up to be: An artist but my mother objected… I then decided to be a scientist and/or Astronaut
  • On my DVR you would find: No Reservation, Kitchen Nightmare, Flipping Out
  • Something that always makes me smile: My dog, Muffin, wiggling his tail when I come home
  • Best gift I ever received: Travel certificate to anywhere in the world
  • Place in the world I would most like to visit: Top of Devils Postpile by rock climbing, under the Red Sea by scuba diving, and small villages in Italy…impossible to come up with only one.
  • My remedy for hiccups: Inhale as much air as possible and inflate the lungs to maximum capacity. Have a tight lip seal, pinch your nose, and blow out abruptly. This expands the diaphragm and stops the hiccup. Try it!
  • Favorite Orange County landmark: Top of the rocks on Corona Del Mar Beach, the place I used to take my wife on our dates.